Café Nocturne

Welcome to Sakura Gakuen, or Cherry Blossom High school! Classes have ended for the day, all classroom chores are finished, and now it's time to get together with your high school club. What club will you choose? As a kouhai (junior student) of our school, let the sempais (senior students) of Sakura Gakuen help you have a great time after school. Who knows? Maybe sempai will finally notice you this year!

*** Important Disclaimer ***

Due to the fact we run our shows out of a hotel function space, we cannot make the space look exactly like a high school room, however every effort will be made to bring as much school atmosphere to the room as possible. Please be understanding and bear with us. As well, all After Darks are treated as if they were real, occurring events and are spoken of and described in that manner. We ask that you play along and imagine our world as "real". If anything is confusing or you have questions, please don't hesitate to email Hideto Koudanshi with any questions.

Attend the Crafts Club with sempai Mark and have fun making cafe-themed craft projects you can take home.
Attend the Writing Club with sempai Elizabeth and work on a group story together. The wackier the story, the more fun! The finished story will be fancied up and offered for download as a souvenir.
Attend the Games Club with sempai Hiro and play Cards Against Humanity, Cafe-style! Special prizes for the best players!
Join the Sakari Zoku biker gang with Hideto and be one of the cool kids at school.

We're bringing back our specialty menu, where you can purchase special items or special activities with your sempai. There will be games you can play, interactions you can purchase, and many other fun things!

To accompany this special menu, there will be a token system. Each kouhai will be given three free tokens to try out the menu. Each menu item or activity costs a set amount of tokens. If you run out of tokens or want one of the more expensive menu items, you can purchase tokens from one of the busboys who will be floating around for that purpose.

Token Prices

  •    1 Token - $1.00CDN
  •    5 Tokens - $4.00CDN
  •    10 Tokens - $8.00CDN

We hope you will come spend your time and tokens with us. You won't find a better experience at Anime North to bring you memories to share, than with Café Nocturne!


Sunday, both shows are a pajama party! Don't feel like getting up? Neither do we! Come spend time with the sleepy boys of Café Nocturne. Special breakfast-themed food will be provided. Pajamas/kigurumis encouraged but not required.