Café Nocturne

Café Nocturne is pleased to present the following selection of light sandwiches and snacks as part of our entertainment and conversation with our wonderful patrons.

Our charming Butlers lovely Lolis, and cute busboys are happy to serve you your choice of the following sandwiches served with your choice of our custom blended teas:

Egg salad sandwich: cool and creamy egg salad with crisp lettuce.

Roast beef sandwich: savory roast beef sliced fresh from a roast prepared that day.

Smoked salmon sandwich: pink salmon sliced thin with a hint of smoky flavour.

Ham & cheese sandwich: classic juicy ham and cheese with lettuce.

Dessert time brings out the blondies, brownies, Nanaimo and date bars. If those naked treats are not enough for your sweet tooth, be sure to ask your server for some dessert sauce in chocolate, caramel or strawberry flavour (or all three!). Some Butlers also have quite an artistic flair and can draw simple pictures with the sauce for your pleasure. Please ask the Butlers before licking any sauce off of them.

Sunday is pyjama party day in deference to the late hours the butlers and busboys (and likely you as well) stayed up the night before at the Moonlight ball/rave/all-night anime watching. We'll be dressed in our best jammies and encourage you to join us wearing your favourite p.j.'s for a relaxing time of food and conversation.

A selection of fresh fruit such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries and blackberries will be on offer along with baked treats like danishes, muffins and assorted squares. Of course, our signature teas will also be on the menu to help you get going for the final day of AnimeNorth.

Please note that some food items may contain nuts. If you have a food allergy, let your server know and we'll do our best to suggest other items.