Café Nocturne

In Japan, there are "Maid Cafes" where young ladies in delicate maid's costumes serve customers their every culinary desire. There was one such cafe, the iMaid Cafe, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Following the success of these cafes, "Butler Cafes" began to open in Japan, such as Swallowtail. These cafes feature young men in formal "butler" clothing serving customers, often female, their food and drink, with gracious attention given their customers' comfort and pleasure. "Crossplay" cafes, called "Dansou Cafes" (The Japanese characters for the word "dansou" are 男装) also came into being, like B:Lily-Rose (Now closed). They look like Butler Cafes in every way except the butlers are played by women. No "biological men" work as butlers in these cafes.

In the universe of Café Nocturne, another Butler Cafe is in existence, one populated by beautiful bishounen with mysterious pasts. Each boy in the cafe has his own unique personality, past, strengths and weaknesses. There are moments of calm and times of unrest. There are clashes and make-ups, attractions and breakups.


Café Nocturne is meant to be a safe space for our fans and patrons where they can feel comfortable interacting with us. This also goes for hiring new staff. We don't hold public hiring sessions. However, if you're interested in joining Café Nocturne, please contact us through email or Facebook, and if we have any openings, we'll get back to you. All hiring is done on an as-needed, case-by-case basis.

We want this to be as entertaining as possible for everyone, for both members of our troupe and our patrons. Patrons can expect to be treated like princesses and princes. Expect a certain amount of flirtation with you, but also expect a certain amount of "tension" between members of the staff. The boys, as they are known, see each other on a regular basis in the cafe, so they have some interesting dynamics for your viewing pleasure.

Also, in our forums, you can interact with the boys. You can ask your favourite boy questions in their private "rooms" on the forum, or you can talk to all of the boys together in the "cafe lounge".

Always feel free to make suggestions or ask questionsby emailing to make your experience better!

Café Nocturne and its environs are copyright Lisa Lai. All cafe characters and works directly related to/by them are copyright their original creators/owners.